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Kerala Sadhya

The tradiional Kerala sadhya is linked in all its richness to the history, geography and culture of the land. Typically, a Kerala Sadhya is a vegetarian meal served with boiled rice and a host of side-dishes.

The Sadhya is complemented by payasam, a sweet milk dessert native to Kerala.

The Sadhya is, as per custom, served on a banana leaf. Traditional dishes include Sambar, Aviyal, Kaalan, Theeyal, Thoran, Injipully, Pulisherry, Appam , banana chips,  and banana chips fried with jaggery. Coconut and Coconut Oil is an essential ingredient in most of the food items and is liberally used.



After the main dishes are served with rice and at the end of each meal the dessert, payasam, is served. Payasam is prepared from milk, coconut extract, sugar, cashews, dry grapes, etc. Paal Payasam is the speciality. Other types can fall into the category of pradhamans viz. Ada Pradhaman, Chakka (Jackfruit Jam) Pradhaman, Pazham Pradhaman and so on.