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A Vegetarian Feast

Kaanan Vittum Onam Unnanum, which means that one may even sell off all one’s possessions to celebrate Onam with the traditional feast. And Onam is all about a typical vegetarian feast in a Malayalee household.

Kerala Sadhya

The tradiional Kerala sadhya is linked in all its richness to the history, geography and culture of the land. Typically, a Kerala Sadhya is a vegetarian meal served with boiled rice and a host of side-dishes.

Lunch and Dinner

The staple food of Kerala, like most South-Indian states, is rice. Unlike other states, however, many people in Kerala prefer parboiled rice (rice made nutritious by boiling it with rice husk). Kanji (rice congee), a kind of rice porridge, is also popular. Tapioca, called kappa in Kerala, is popular in central Kerala and in the highlands.


Kerala cuisine offers many delicious vegetarian breakfast dishes that are relatively unknown outside the state. A typical Kerala breakfast may include one or more of the following combinations:

Sweets and Desserts

There's no shortage of sweets or dessets in Kerala. But payasam (Sugared rice or noodles, served as a sweet.) is the hot favorite and there is no one to beat the Paal Payasam. Coconut Milk is the liquid base in most desserts especially the Pradhaman variety but cow's milk is also used.