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Sweets and Desserts

There's no shortage of sweets or dessets in Kerala. But payasam (Sugared rice or noodles, served as a sweet.) is the hot favorite and there is no one to beat the Paal Payasam. Coconut Milk is the liquid base in most desserts especially the Pradhaman variety but cow's milk is also used.

Typically, Pradhaman is lentils boiled with coconut, cardamom and ginger. Jaggery and cashew nuts are also added.

Jaggery is often used as a sweetener. It can be boiled and made into paste form. It can be used as a sweet sauce with curd or fruit. Milk rice, coconut rice, or vermicelli sweetened with jaggery is common dessert.

Avalose is a rice-based sweet rolled into a ball with jaggery. Unniappam is pulped jackfruit, mixed with rice flour and jaggery, wrapped in a leaf and steamed.

Halwa is made from bananas.